Easy ways to live healthy lifestyle

A huge number of products are on the market now when health becomes a hot issue like a large number of exercise equipment, tool and health food and supplementary food. BLESSLIFE Store was created to help you to make a choice based on professional trainer. We cheer for your life to truly support exercise equipment regardless of fad.

Vibration Peanut Ball  TRACTAC Active Ball

Active Ball is effective in relaxing muscle like stretching and massage with strong vibration in the Stage 3. You can exercise helpful in right arrangement and blood circulation in the body without turning on vibration and it can relax knotted muscle whenever and wherever by carrying compact sized tool.

Vibration Form Roller TRACTAC Active Roll

Vibration Form Roller is effective in relaxing muscle like stretching and massage with strong vibration of Stage 4. Form Roller is basically a small tool with high level of utilization to conduct more than 100 kinds of exercise movement and more than 20 kinds of massage function.

Cork Yoga Mat BFIT

It can be used for various uses like Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Meditation and protect body from any motion with proper feeling of cushion and restoring power. There is no feeling of slipperiness and stickiness by combining 'Cork', natural material, and TPE material and it is safe and comfortable mat without harmful material.

CLX Exercise Band  THERABAND

It is possible to show various technique and performance without additional handle and anchor with 9 connection chains. It can be applied to functional training like golf, baseball and rehabilitation as well as fitness, yoga and Pilates without difficulty. You can select the strength as 7 colors are prepared by steps according to elastic resistance strength to make experts as well as beginners utilize.

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Fitness Aid Products MY ROLLER

MYROLLER helps balance, circulation, vitality and rest in our body as a brand of Fitness Ade. It relieve bodily fatigue and stress accumulated while after finishing a day after acting and exercising from a start of day. The colors with warm feeling and pastel tone suitable to keyword of 'rest' offers emotional stability as well.

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